Spain is officially named the Kingdom of Spain. It is a state in south-western Europe. It occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula. The capital of Spain is Madrid. The other largest cities are Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Malaga. Spain occupies the area of 504 782 sq km. The population of Spain is 46,661,950 people.
The Spaniards are different: funny and sad, stingy and generous, hardworking and lazy, but they all are shared by common habits that will astonish foreigners coming to Spain. At first, it is the timetable. Everything always comes later than was planned. Night life in Italy impresses foreigners at first sight. Spain is perhaps the only country where the night life is as a universal phenomenon. After ten o'clock the sun is not frying, the temperature drops, and the strolling starts. Spain is one of the world's largest tourism and recreation centers. Tourists are attracted by the ancient cities and sunny beaches.
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