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Moldova is not big wonderful country. It is a European counry, located in it's Southern part. The capital city of Moldova is Kishinev. Moldova biggest cities are Tiraspol, Beltsy and Bendery. Kishinev is the biggest city of Moldova.
It is also the political, industrial, cultural center of the country. The city of Kishinev is situated on the river Byk in central Moldova. There are many white buildings in Kishinev. That's why it is also called "White city". It is very green city located on seven hills. Moldova is also called Sunny Moldova. The sun shines more brightly and long here. Moldova is famous for its excellent wine and charming sexy and hot moldova girls, the best ground in the world. Moldova is a country with a rich and interesting hisory. Moldovian people are famous for theirs hospitality. Everybody who comes to Moldova will feel the warm domestic atmosphere. The owner of the hospitable house always will have a glass of best Moldavian wine, and at the mistress'll offer the most tasty dishes. One of the most significant economic and cultural centers of Moldova is the city Beltsy. Numerous industrial, scientific an d cultural institutions are in Beltsy.
Soroky is The most beautiful city located on coast of Dnestr. Berikov Yar is not far from Soroky. It is a wonderful gorge, where rests of an ancient cave monastery were kept. Another Moldovian city Tiraspol is situated on Dnestr river. Suvorov was founded the city of Tiraspol in 18th century. Tiraspol is the largest center of Moldova's culture. The city has museums, galleries, colleges and universities. In the middle of 20th century Tiraspol was the capital of Respublic Moldova. Moldova offers for its guests several sihgts. The main of them are 7 old unique parks.. The biggest park is in the north of Moldova.
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