Big boob women abroad always stand out from the crowd.

You can wer a baseball cap and hide under it brown hair, to wear dark glasses in a half-face and go with an impartial view frequenter, no doubt somebody come to you and speak Russian. If you will answer in English, you'll surprise them, because all foreigners accustomed to the fact that the Russian do not study foreign languages. So what do foreigners think about big boobs girls?
Russian speech already stifles the local dialects of resorts in Italy and Spain . In Turkey and Egypt, Russian and Ukrainian are almost completely replaced the Germans and Italians, in any case, the they prefer to relax in the hotels, for their fellow human beings: the Germans with the Germans, the Italians with the Italians.
Big tits girls are very attractive for many foreigners. Foreign men dream of romance with Russian beauties. Some time later they confess that fleeting holiday romance with big boobs women has become almost the most spectacular adventure in their lives. Some bitter experience, on the contrary, fear Russian like the plague. Dating sites are full of ads that secured foreigner would get married with big breast girl, and even with children.
For foreign men former tennis player Anna Kournikova was and is an example of Russian beauty. Very often, in different resorts the Asian men asked: "Are all women such beautiful as Anna Kournikova!". In the list of famous russian beauties, embodying the beauty and femininity of women,are Natalia Vodianova, Eugenia Volodina, Anne Vyalitsyna, Sasha Pivovarova, Vlada Roslyakova, Maria Sharapova and many others.
On the resort women stand out by grooming, brightness, showiness. Only Russian girl tourist, going on a trip to the mountains or ancient ruins, will wear mini-skirts and flip-flops with high heels.
Every day, young girls go out to the street, like as on the podium: they have the perfect hairstyle and make-up, put on their best clothes, make the manicure, pedicure, perfume,even if they are going for shopping or to the supermarket for toilet paper. The length of the route does not matter - are they going to the corner of the house next door or travel all over all the planned stores.
So what do foreigners think about us, what they see the Russian girls? I asked my foreign men, many of whom are my good friends, to help me in writing the article and answer the important question: "How do they imagine the Russian women."

Heinz Schulze, 36 years old, graphic designer, Dresden: "Big boobs girls know their price, in any case, the girls from Moscow. Of course, money plays for them the main role. And they are looking for a husband with the apartment, car and bank accounts. Russian women dream to go abroad because they think that there are better than here. Foreign men are richer and the air is cleaner, and all houses are with beautiful garden. Russian wife are the beautiful lady, they can prepare well and tasty food. They are welcoming, but wasteful. But we are choosing a wife, not housekeeper, and differences in mentality affects the relations. Big tits women are too crazy, too unpredictable, want all to go according to their script, they like to command men,they brought up children very strictly, they are non-punctual, irresponsible and capricious.

Jonas Lindstr?m, 34, journalist, Stockholm: "The girls are very interesting and well-educated interlocutors. They are ready to support just any topic of conversation, and they are much more interesting than the Swedish women who have narrow minded. Russian girls love themselves very much, so they are always elegant and beautifully dressed, wearing makeup. "

Martynas Polch, 28, manager, Geneva: "Big breasted women are intelligent and beautiful, they know how to emphasize their strengths and hide weaknesses. Girls are strong in spirit, they are ready to to do anything for love and family. They can willing forgive many things. Big boobs women are vulnerable, sensitive. They are real women - the standard of femininity. "

Justine D'Ore, 31, an architect, Toulouse: "Big tit girls are very feminine and luxurious. Such women we want to be coddled, dress in furs and perform any of their desires. Unlike French women, they are more liberated in relationships, they often make the first steps themselves. They are easily offended, but easily appeased. They make every day as a holiday. But this holiday does not last long, because Russian are fickle.

How many people, so many opinions. The foreigners think about us mostly by Russian girls, whom they knew personally, which met on holiday or working. In any case, all agree that Russian girls are very beautiful and feminine, funny and stylish, good housewife and a passionate lover. Russian women abroad are very attractive and desired the every after year.