In 2013 the quantity of women from Russia wishing to go abroad increased by half. Moreover, the most reliable and simple way of doing it for mature women is a marriage with a foreigner abroad
In Russia opinion polls are held about how many women would like to immigrate. According to many researches held during the last ten years this figure was at the level of 20% at an average.
And now pollings of a research group Romir were declared: it turned out that now not every fifth girl (as it was, for example, this summer) but every third one dreams of leaving Russia (31%).
At that among young women in the age of 18 to 24 every second one dreams of going abroad (48%). The priorities changed in a way in the problem where to go for permanent dwelling: only every third of those wishing to change their citizenship wants to move to Europe (seven years ago 51% were rushing there). The popularity of the USA also decreased – from 23 to 19 %. Instead, the quantity of those who are ready to move to eastern and Asian countries, South America, Australia and even China increased. In short, that place is best of all where we haven't been at all.
At the same time sociologists began discussing the beginning of the new immigration wave, not unlike the one which covered Russia in the beginning of the 90-ies. At that time the future of the former USSR seemed to be quite misty to many people. And to tell the truth there is not much more clarity today.
Among those who want to leave there are more of those having no family or living in free unions. And this fact simplifies the situation much. As it is known, one of the most popular ways of immigrating was and still is a marriage with a foreigner. These are our women who can make a basic framework of immigration wave of the 90-ies: at that time mostly ethnic Germans and Hebrews left.
From the TV-screens reports don’t disappear about the so usually called ‘miserable mature silly women’ with their children taken away from them by their former husbands one day and by foreign children's services another day. But statistics show that the mature silly women are not so silly in real. According to the data of the Director of Moscow Vital Records Office, Moscow women divorce foreigners four times less often than their countrymen. Make your own conclusions: annually 11% of women from Moscow contract marital unions with foreigners. But broken marriages with foreigners constitute only 2,5%.
In 2012 (as well as in previous years) in popularity with mature women fiances form Turkey were in the lead. Then come choices form Germany, Israel, the USA, England, Italy and France.