Women’s abilities for adaptation in a new country depend very much on a variety of women's characters and their main life strategies types abroad. Dependent, infantile women who see a solving of all their problems in a marriage, choose a husband first. Women who are emancipated mostly care about and are proud about their professional success, as well as their husband's success.
Women who are dependent live in a constant strain and suffer any family relationships, while considering them too be a daily payment for their right of living in a foreign country, a formal safety is important for them. Women who are independent lay more claim to the quality of a relationship than to a status, while they understand that they are the same status bearers as their partners. These relationships are reflected primarily on their children. Women's reaction to a loss of deep emotional connection and their break with their relatives is strong. In the period of an emotional peak they complain that children are a load for them. A child can fall out of his mother's attention zone.
There’s also a money problem. Women who already have an experience of being married in their country get married with a foreigner. As a rule, these women have a child already from their first marriage and have to care about life organizing not only for themselves but for a child too. Let's be sincere and say that Russian men seldom help their children after a divorce, which is by the way established by law and parent-child relations.

A Russian woman older than 25 is, as a rule, independent and called for in society. Even having no children and never been married, she is able to earn her living. Here are not so many young girls who got married for the first time. And even is such cases a mentality of self-sufficiency works, which concerns a material side of a problem. That’s why problems can emerge in case of nonconcurrence.
A woman who got married with a foreigner and got all rights for possession of property (at least, a possibility to use a mutual banking account) anyway feels herself ill at ease, because she considers this money to be not her own, while this money is not earned by herself. As a result, a woman starts feeling a depression connected with her being not self-sufficient and financially reliable. Here one should also mention that many women left their relatives on their motherland (mainly parents), and they can't afford normal life there. And children want to help them, naturally.
Many women (practically everybody) try to look for a job to have their own earned money. It’s a good idea. But many Russian girls just forget that each country has its own laws. Earned money are considered a mutual property after a marriage.